8 Work Bags That are Pretty (and) Practical

For when you need to schlep without looking like a schmuck

If you commute to work, bring your own lunch or just feel uneasy unless you have a small convenience store with you at all times, then you’ve probably agonized about what to carry it all in. The Work Bag raises the same issues as “sensible shoes.” Is it possible for it to be pretty and practical? For me, it’s a must. I’ve mostly worked in various office settings since graduating college and have gone through a bunch of work bag variations from the Jansport suede bottom backpack to the canvas tote.

A few that stand out to me as options that have successfully carried all my shit and looked good with just about anything is a black mesh tote that was a literal beach tote I purchased at Walgreens (similar), this pink Puma tote that surprisingly went with everything and infused a bit of sportswear into every outfit and this purple metallic French Connection backpack that I wore to work all summer. I saw it and it immediately gave me Lizzie McGuire blue bubble backpack vibes so how could I not?

I'm actually looking for a new bag that would be more practical for my current commute from Seattle to Everett in the fall and winter, so I'll probably end up gettting one of these.

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Diana Le

Diana Le

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