What to Buy From the Vans Section of PacSun's Halloween Sale

This sale is really good.

Yo, remember PacSun? I haven't set foot in a physical mall in a minute, but PacSun is still holding it down online, anyway. They're offering 25% off any order for Halloween. ANY. ORDER. Just use promo code TREATS25 today through October 31!

If you don't already know me, you'll learn real quick that I'm a huge Vans stan. And PacSun's Vans section is fire (figuratively and also literally fire because they're featuring the Vans Flame Collection).

Pacific Sunwear of California Inc

If you, like me, stand by your Vans, here are my picks to cop from the sale.

I've been wearing my checkerboard Vans super consistently for the last year or so that I've had them. You wouldn't think it, but they seriously go with everything. I love that these have a slight platform, that gives them a bit more attitude.

I'm not a huge boots person, and especially not a rain boots person. So I was looking for a sneaker or sneaker boot that was waterproof or at least "weatherproof." I'd ordered a pair of waterproof high-top Converse, but found them to be a little too bulky for my taste.

Then I came across these Vans MTE (their weatherproof collection) in the UltraRange, which is their more sporty line. I just got them these week and I love them. They get extra points because they're a shoe I would totally buy even if they weren't weatherproof.

I had to order mine off of ASOS for about $10 more because they carried smaller men's sizes (I ordered a 5 men's/6.5 women's). There's a bit of a sock-fit in the shoe, so I recommend ordering a half size up. These start at a 7 men's on the PacSun website, so if they have your size, hurray! Otherwise, check ASOS. Also, I cannot get over how genius having the black cap toe is, because that's where your shoes always get icky in the rain! Plus, I tend not to like all black (like including the sole) shoes, so this is perfect.

Vans Retro Coach Jacket - $49.50, now $37.13

Vans Checkered Cropped Hoodie - $54.50, now $40.88

I mentioned my Vans coach jacket that I got from the boys section in my post about my fall/winter wardrobe. It's easy to throw on to add a polished sportswear vibe to your outfit. Highly recommend.

This checkered hoodie is one I don't actually own if not the actual item, then one very similar. And now I think I may just have to get it.

The sale isn't limited to the Vans section (it's just what speaks to me the most), it's 25% off their entire site — so, cop 'til you drop, y'all!

Diana Le

Diana Le

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