These Are the Table Salt of Shoes

If you're going to own one pair of shoes, make it this one

Anyone who’s seen me on a semi-regular basis in the last two years probably has come to recognize the Black Superga Cotu as my signature sneaker. I was first introduced to the shoe from watching Steph and Mel of The Fashion Citizen’s weekly vlogs on YouTube. To this day, I’m unsure if my pronunciation of it is correct (Soo-Pear-Gah) because like me, Steph and Mel delight in intentionally mispronouncing words.


I found my first pair of Supergas at Buffalo Exchange for like $12. Prior to this, my go-to everyday sneaker was the black Vans Authentic. I put those Supergas on and never looked back. The Supergas just provide a little more elevation and sophistication than your average Vans Authentic. For over a year, I wore them just about every single day. There wasn’t an outfit I found that it didn’t work with: denim skirt + t-shirt; knit + slim fit jeans; leggings + crop top; floral maxi dress. Some days I would have to force myself to opt for a different shoe just to switch it up.

Finally, this past summer my pair were totally beat up. The canvas was completely coming off of the midsole on the heel of one pair. So I retired them and had put off repurchasing them until this week. Why? Even though my wardrobe is relatively simple as a jeans and a t-shirt or a jeans and a knit type of girl, sometimes it’s just hard to force yourself to buy the boring thing. The totally innocuous wardrobe item that completely transforms, elevates and brings everything together. It's the pinch/dash/sprinkle of salt that's so simple you hardly notice it but can be just the thing that makes all the difference.


Superga 2750 Cotu Classic

I’m excited to get back into my favorite kicks and style them with my standards, new additions and upcoming spring and summer outfit ideas.

Diana Le

Diana Le

Diana is the co-creator and Editor-in-Chief of Oatmeal Cardigan. She works as a copywriter by day and moonlights as a texting guru by night.