Saving Up For What You Really Want

Back to wearing knockoffs, haha. Knock it off, Neiman's, shop it off

It seems like all my favorite fashion bloggers and YouTubers own the Loewe puzzle bag. And I have to say, it's the first designer handbag I've every really lusted after. But with a price tag of two grand, I don't currently ball hard enough to buy one of my own. So I went out in search of a bag that would give me a similar vibe. When I couldn't find anything that gave me that sparkle in my eye like the Loewe, I got really scared that I might actually just have to wait and save up for it. But that's something that I personally can't justify spending so much money on at this point in my life, even if I spent years saving up for it.


So when I saw an eerily good looking knockoff on Amazon, I was super jazzed. It was coming from China so it took about a month for me to get it. I wore it out a couple times and felt really excited about it. But then all of a sudden I started feeling really weird and slimy about it. I felt guilty and embarrassed for consciously buying this knockoff. My intention was never to pass it off as a real Loewe, I just really loved the look of the puzzle bag. Still, it started to feel fraudulent, and authenticity needs to be at the core of one's personal style.

I felt I had two options. Either suck it up and save up for the actual thing I want or find a bag that perhaps is inspired by the Loewe, but is not straight up ripping it off and make it my own.

Even in the last few days I've been seeing more and more bloggers with this bag, which is starting to make it feel less special and desirable to me. Maybe by the time I can afford it, like 10 years from now lol, no one will be wearing it anymore and it'll be a nice throwback.

But I think I found what potentially could me my perfect black bag:

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Diana Le

Diana Le

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