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I’m a people watcher. I love watching other people out with friends, on first dates, eating alone. I can immediately scan a room and zero in on the couple breaking up. In high school I delighted in finding notes between friends or lovers that had been dropped on the ground. I’m a voyeur.

In one of my favorite Reply All episodes, hosts PJ and Alex talk to a girl who enjoys reading the transaction feed on Venmo to piece together stories through payments and requests. She ended up witnessing a couple breaking up in real time through requests for things like half a couch.

I don’t follow Venmo feeds, but I do occasionally like taking a peek into people’s Amazon Wish Lists. Y’all know those are public, right? I treat my list more like a shopping list and know in the back of my mind that anyone could see it, but can’t be bothered to filter things into a separate private list.

The things in one’s Amazon Wish List can offer quite an interesting look into how someone is currently living, habits they want to create and things they’re aspiring to. So now I’m going to share what’s currently in my own Amazon Wish List.

Personal Blender With Take-Along Bottle

I’ve been binge watching Lewis Howes’s School of Greatness interviews on YouTube. He has acclaimed people from all sorts of different fields and it’s all very interesting and inspirational. One of my favorites so far has been “The Science of Hunger, Optimal Health and Body Love” with celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. I was a little skeptical at it at first as I am with a lot of health, fitness and wellness content due to my somewhat complicated past relationship with food and exercise that I don’t think ever really leaves you completely. But I was pleasantly surprised by Kelly’s compassion, perspective and deep knowledge in food science.

She mentions her Fab Four Smoothie formula which I really want to try for my breakfasts. This blender has amazing reviews and is super affordable. I also prefer this portable bottle compared to the Magic Bullet one or others I’ve seen that looks like you’re carrying a traditional blender around.

Turtle Apple Slicer

This is just dang cute, y’all.

Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast, Cardio Fat Burn, Sculpt & Burn Cardio Blast

Hi, I’m a Mary Helen Bowers evangelist. She’s a ballerina and creator of Ballet Beautiful, a fitness studio in New York. You can also get Ballet Beautiful instructional DVDs and she offers a paid subscription service that gives you access to something like 200 videos. If you’re still not sold, get this: she was Natalie Portman’s trainer for Black Swan and works with a lot of Victoria’s Secret Angels.

I already own her Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout DVD and have been doing it for a few months now. It’s simultaneously a calming yet insane workout. The moves look quite simple, but the tiny isolations done in four sets of eight reps will quickly wear you out.

I love that you don’t need anything more than a mat and maybe a set of hand weights. I want to buy these other three to get into the rotation and switch it up a bit throughout the week.

Pizza Cutter Wheel

In all my years of living alone and eating pizza, I have yet to prioritize buying a pizza cutter. I’ve just gotten away with cutting my pizza with a serrated knife. When it’s finally time to pull the trigger, I want this wheel versus a traditional cutter with handle.

20-Pound Dumbbell Set With Stand

I am a home workout person, for sure. I know some people can’t find the motivation to workout unless they have to leave the house to go to a dedicated space like a gym or a studio, but I find great comfort in being able to workout immediately whenever I want to without any travel time. For me, I tend to get more distracted at the gym or in a class, looking at what every else is wearing and taking note of everyone else’s skill level. Plus it’s soooooo much cheaper to work(out) from home. I currently have a set of 3-pound hand weights, but I’d like to have more weight options to switch it up depending on how strong or fatigued I’m feeling on a particular day or based on the exercise.

Nautica Suitcase

I don’t travel much and when I do, I can typically fit all my things in a duffel. But I do want to have a carry-on sized rolling suitcase on hand for when I do need it rather than rushing to find something last minute.

Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar

When you live in a city like Seattle, you end up walking A LOT. And for me, I prioritize walking over other forms of transportation when I can. Generally, if a journey can be walked in under an hour, I’ll walk. Weather permitting, of course. So my feet really get a beating regardless of how sensible the shoes are. This pumice bar was recommended on Racked and I have high hopes that it’ll make my feet look less troll-like.

Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

I hate wearing glasses. But because I spend at least 9 hours a day looking at a screen for work and recreation, it’s best I do to correct my minor astigmatism. It’s unfortunately not bad enough for me to want to get contacts. I can’t stand dirty lenses. I’ll sit there for 10 minutes just trying to get the smallest smudge out before I can move on with anything else. Discovering pre-moistened wipes has been a game changer. It also lets me clean all the makeup that builds up around the bridge, which makes me feel a little better about how unsanitary it feels to me to have something sitting on my face and moving all my makeup around.

Koffie Reusable Straws

I’ve built a habit out of sticking plastic straws into my coffee thermos to minimize staining. It’s a small, dorky price to pay for vanity. Once I use up all of my plastic straws, I want to switch to a reusable option. You know, for the environment?

Youth Football Shoulder Pads

The only thing I’ll say about this one is that it’s for Halloween ‘18. Stay tuned.

So I guess my Amazon Wish List says that I'm very concerned with taking care of myself and my appearance, take Halloween costumes way too seriously and will buy anything if it's shaped like a cute animal.

Diana Le

Diana Le

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