What is Oatmeal Cardigan?


Hey, what is this?
Oatmeal Cardigan is a website dedicated to talking about shopping in a personal and relateable way.

Okay. . .Go on. . .
There’s a sketch in the hit Y2K Nickelodeon series, The Amanda Show, called The People Place. It’s a store where you can buy all sorts of actual people, like thugs and brutes, little brothers and grandparents. Well, for us, shopping is kind of like that! Not the buying people part, but the buying a self part.

We’re going to make a lot of shopping recommendations, yes, but we’re not advocating for mindless consumption. We hope that our reflections and dialogue around shopping will help bring clarity to who your sartorial self is — one beautiful cropped trouser at a time. Because as the lovely Kate Schelter says, "Style is an unspoken conversation that you have with everyone around you."

Why Oatmeal Cardigan?
It’s a nod to the hunt. I’ve been searching for the perfect oatmeal cardigan since my sophomore year of college. Call it my sartorial white whale.

Get in loser, we're going shopping!


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